Celebrities in Denim

Lea Michele in Black Orchid

Lea Michele was seen leaving an LA restaurant with Glee co-stars Jonathan Groff, Zac Quinto, and her boyfriend, Theo Stockman. Although it’s always been a pretty popular show, Glee has certainly been making headlines this season with the guest stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears, plus their incorporation of Lady Gaga’s hits. While I enjoy the music, I’ve stopped watching it because I thought it was becoming plot-less. How about you, are you still a Glee fan?

Lea has certainly become a Black Orchid fan. She’s been seen wearing her black jewel skinny jeans a lot recently and each time she’s styled them very differently. This isn’t my favorite look of hers, I think that her sweater and bag are too distracting. You can buy Black Orchid jeans at Singer22.com.