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Miguel in Double Denim – LEVI’S & PRPS

Miguel Levi's Jacket and PRPS Denom Jeans 1

Miguel took the stage at the Adidas Originals NMD Concert in Los Angeles, California. The singer paired together a customized vintage LEVI’S plaid lined Trucker Jacket with the PRPS Denom Jeans in White. He then finished his look off with a pair of white Adidas NMD Sneakers.

I am usually not the biggest fan of pairing blue denim with white jeans, but the distressing really helped this look here. It takes it out of the affluent beach town route that it can easily go and makes it feel modern and appropriate for the event. How many of you prefer this type of styling when wearing the blue and white denim combo? Click here to purchase similar jackets from the LEVI’S website and here for PRPS from NORDSTROMS.