Celebrities in Denim

Miley Cyrus covers Glamour Magazine in Replay Jeans


Teen star Miley Cyrus did a photo shoot and interview for Glamour Magazine. In some of the photo’s she is wearing a pair of Replay jeans. During the interview she talks about her boyfriend Justin Gaston, her figure, her role models and much more.

GLAMOUR: Do you think these past few years of intense fame have given you a different perspective?

MC: I was talking with my mom one day, and I said that I would not change the way I grew up for anything. But, yes, I am really overwhelmed. I went to the Oscars for the first time when I was 13. Then I had my first real relationship; it was hard-core and lasted two years [with Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers]. That’s a life-changing experience most people don’t have until they’re 19 or 20. So my life has been on high speed. [My career] is a huge responsibility.

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Images courtesy of forums.superiorpics.com and Glamour.com