Celebrities in Denim

Nicole Richie in Hudson Denim Jacket

Back in her workout routine, Nicole Richie was seen leaving the gym in her Hudson denim jacket. We usually see her in her Paige Premium jacket but it looks like she switched it up. Although, I can’t imagine putting on a denim jacket first thing after I work out. Nicole was also wearing sunglasses, which are the latest addition to her Winter Kate collection.

Nicole shared some thoughts on the collection “The Winter Kate girl, I would describe her as a multi-tasker, someone who wears many different hats in their life, and wears something that’s easy yet elegant at the same time. I definitely go a bit wilder with the jewelery because I think that you can. I always think of it like, when you wear jeans and a T-shirt, make jewelery something that is the accent to your outfit. I love eclectic jewelery.” What do you think? I think her Winter Kate line definitely has a bohemian easy feeling.