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The Double Denim Trend And How To Wear It!


Double Denim Do! Zac has it spot on!

We all know Double Denim has made a huge come back lately and almost every celeb out there is wearing it. I have to say I was never a big fan of Double Denim at all… until recently. I think the key to getting it right is wearing two completely different shades of denim. Black jeans and a blue denim jacket seem to be a big hit, I think this looks great, as seen on Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Pine and more. You don’t want to have matching denim shades in your Double Denim outfit, it will clash and look really wrong. The only way I think matchy denim will work is with a little denim vest, as long as you pair it with a top of a different colour so you break up the shades, Ashley Tisdale and Alessandra Ambrosio make this look hot! Really dark jeans and a light denim shirt is a must do as well! These two shades of denim really make the outfit stand out. So remember the key to wearing Double Denim, dark denim at the bottom and light denim at the top. Always a winner! Check out the gallery for lots of photos of celebs rocking/ruining Double Denim!

Double Denim Don’t! Whitney what were you thinking?!?!


Written by Lorna Burford