Celebrities in Denim

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham Flares

Victoria Beckham and her kids were snapped while out shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles. Since the Beckhams announced they were moving back to the UK, I anticipated seeing shots of them in LA less frequently, but it looks as though the paparazzi still found them!

While out, Victoria wore a pair of distressed flare jeans from her Victoria Beckham line with a black camisole and wedges. Victoria seems to be a big fan of flares lately and has worn quite a few different pairs. I think these are a preview of her Spring/Summer 2014 collection, since the wash doesn’t seem to be in her current collection. She does have a lot of flared styles in her denim line, but in terms of washes, there is very little distressing. So it should be interesting to see what she’s added in terms of distressing to her upcoming collection.