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Zac Efron Jeans – How To Get His Best Looks [June 2019]

Zac Efron has been a perennial fashion icon every since he transformed from the High School Music kid to a certified stud back in 2007. His casual cool, California inspired look (not to mention physique) has been the envy of stylish guys across the globe.

Below, we take a look at some of his best looks and favorite brands

Ready? Let’s Go!

Zac Efron’s Best 3 Looks

A few ways to get Zac’s look…


Editor’s Choice For Black Jeans

Editor’s Choice For Black Jeans

Rag & Bone Standard Issue Fit 1 $195.00

Standard Issue is the right name for these jeans. If you are like countless other hip 20 and 30 somethings out there, you know that black slim cut jeans are part of the uniform. I love the uniform, flat black wash of these jeans…so minimal and chic from Rag & Bone.

What We Love

  • Many people prefer the engineered fabrics that emphasize stretch and feel — which I totally understand — but 98% cotton jeans are so much more durable. They also have the bonus where they get more comfortable over time, which is a little reward.
  • More than any of the other jeans mentioned, these are classy and cool. They have a Paris chic feel to them, can be worn with basically anything (including out with your in laws) and will last forever. These are the jeans I would pick from this list.
  • Things to Look Out For

  • By the same token, 98% cotton jeans tend to be stiffer than stretch jeans when you first put them on. For many, this could be an issue, especially if you are a half size and right on the border but don’t want to size up.
  • Rag & Bone is kind of an old brand — part of the first wave of artisan denim — so I know many of you denim heads want the latest and greatest. Nothing wrong with the greatest hits though!!

  • 2/2

    Frame L’Homme Skinny Jeans $157.00

    The classic cut from one of my personal favorites, FRAME denim, like the other jeans mentioned these are an excellent choice for a versatile pair of nice jeans. Edgier than their counterparts, these would work well if you live in a hip Metro but might be a little too hot to handle if you are in a more conservative city.


    Eastdabe 7 For All Mankind Straight Luxe Performance Jeans $189.00

    The essential skinny black wash jeans, these are perfect for a night out or a day out…or just about anytime out. Every closet should have a nice pair or black denim, and these fit the bill…by Diesel

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