Celebrities in Denim

Zoe Saldana in Rag & Bone

Zoe Saldana walked the red carpet at the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit in Hollywood, California. She wore a pair of the Rag & Bone Leggings in Midnight with a striped sweater and some wedged boots. I really like the way these jeans fit Zoe. They are slim all the way down. I also like the little detail on the sweater. I think the uneven hem and seam running towards the front is cool.

It looks like Zoe is keeping her word on adding a bit (emphasis on bit) of color. She recently said, “I’m a New Yorker. I’m always dressed like I’m mourning something, in black and white. But I’m introducing color this year.” I can say that it is not just New Yorkers who live by this rule. I am one that also constantly looks like I am in mourning…no matter how hot the weather is. You can click here to purchase these jeans at Singer22 for $165.