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Big Star Jeans Help Haiti

It’s really nice when companies and people use their image and brands for good cause. I think what Big Star jeans did at the Las Vegas Trade show is wonderful! You can read below the press release on what happened at the show.

The Big Star Brand brings vintage to the forefront this season with the launch of ÔÇÿBig Star Vintage,’ a collection comprised of jeans with modern silhouettes and masterful, handcrafted washes that replicate true, vintage jeans. The collection was showcased at the February Project Show in Las Vegas and was a huge hit due to its premium quality and realistic price point.

While selling jeans was the focus of the show, the Big Star team also had another goal: Helping Haiti. The interior and exterior walls of the Big Star booth were decorated with real dollar bills (with a few hundreds mixed in!) and a contribution container was set up in front of the booth. Over the course of the 3 day show, owner Yul Ku and his Big Star team would peel dollars off of the booth and deposit them in the containers, hoping to encourage customers to donate as well. All too often, these tragic disasters are forgotten about a few weeks after the destruction, and people are left to struggle alone with the catastrophic repercussions. Big Star wants to keep this tragedy fresh in people’s thoughts, and continue to support those who have lost their homes, family members and way of life. The money collected totaled approximately $13,500 and will be donated to the American Red Cross’s disaster relief fund for Haiti.