Paige Premium & Lorna Collaboration: Tristan Jeans In The Lorna Wash

I’m so excited to announce to you the first jean from the Paige Denim and Lorna collaboration! Paige and I have been in talks for a while, discussing ideas, and we finally ended up with the Lorna wash which is a medium to dark blue shade with 2 distressed areas on the legs. The pocket and waistband lining is in pink floral, naturally as pink is mine and Paige’s favourite colour!

I have been a huge fan of Paige Premium Denim for a few years now and I can never get enough of the brand. The jeans just fit me perfectly and Paige definitely knows what she is doing when designing her jeans, so you can imagine my excitement when she asked me to do a collaboration with her. I have always wanted to be a designer. Paige and I have a great personal relationship as well as a professional relationship where DenimBlog is concerned too. She’s the most wonderful person and just so nice. When we were discussing the jeans, I said how much I love distructed washes because it adds so much more to the jeans. We went back and forth for a while with our ideas and we finally settled with this one. There is not too much distressing so it’s not over the top, it’s just enough to give the jeans character and make them unique. Paige and I both love this wash, it’s a modern take on destruction with an authentic denim feel.

Selfridges loved the Lorna wash so much that they wanted an exclusive pair. Paige gave them the Tristan in the Lorna wash in a limited amount just for the store and I have heard it’s selling really well so far. The Tristan is a brand new cut, it’s an update to the Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Skinny. It’s a relaxed and comfortable skinny jean but it’s more fitted than the Jimmy Jimmy Skinny and it features a double back pocket detail. I really love the unique back pockets, both of them act as working pockets as well, they are not just for aesthetic reasons. When Paige was designing the Tristan jean she knew that the Lorna wash was the perfect compliment for the new style.

The Lorna wash will be coming in 5 other styles for the Summer including 2 of my favourites, the Lou Lou Tulip Flare and the Skyline Skinny! You will have to wait and see what other 3 cuts it’s coming in! The hang tag will feature a special saying/poem in memory of my grampy who unfortunately passed away last year and some information about the collaboration between Paige and I. This hang tag will be featured on the Summer styles but it’s not on the Tristan jean as it’s an exclusive. This Paige and Lorna collaboration is both mine and Paige’s favourite fits in our favourite wash right now, the Lorna wash!

The Tristan in the Lorna wash is available to buy right now exclusively from Selfridges in store or online for £220. To purchase these jeans online click here. The 27 has already sold out but there are still other sizes available. I will be posting another post soon with me in the Tristan Lorna jeans so you can see how they fit. So what do you all think of the Lorna wash? We hope you love it! You can see photos of the jeans and up close shots in the gallery below.

UPDATE: There are only 2 sizes left now, 26 and 30.

Images belong to Lorna Burford/