Are your jeans a little tight in the waist?

Jeans a little too tight? Having a tiny bit of muffin top going on? Well here is a solution to stretching out the waistband of your beloved jeans. The waistband stretcher! I know I myself ate a little to much over the holidays and some of my favorite jeans are a bit too tight in the waist.

So these things may look hilarious – I know – but they actually do work! I have had to accommodate before and use a regular trouser hanger which was luckily enough just the right size to fit the waist of my jeans and it has stretched them out perfectly. You can dampen the waist of the jeans first before using the stretcher and it will help to stretch them out better! It certainly saves time and money over buying new jeans! Or maybe you don’t want to spend any money on a stretcher, why not just wet stretch your jeans whilst wearing them. I have done it many times before, just put your jeans on and dampen the waist and tug at it a lot or dampen the butt area and do some light squats (careful not to rip your jeans – especially if they are Rock & Republic or a thin denim) and leg stretches. Whatever you choose to do, stretching the waist and wet stretching really does work on your denim, so why not give it a go if your jeans are a little tight? You just might get some good exercise in while you are at it!