Denim Printed Underwear

This is a blog post about denim underwear so I have made it viewable by clicking this blog post. I know a lot of you read DenimBlog from your work places and this might not be deemed appropriate for that kind of environment so please click this blog post to view photos of the new Diesel and Topshop denim underwear!

I’ve been seeing a lot of underwear with denim print lately. I first spotted the Topshop pair last week, they are cotton with the print of a pair of jeans on them. They are so cute! Now I have just seen that Diesel have brought out a pair. They look exactly like a pair of their jeans, right down to the wash, the back pockets and the button print. I love them! So what do you think of the new denim print underwear? I think it’s great for us self confessed denim lovers who just love denim so much! The Diesel ones are available here at ASOS and the Topshop ones here at Topshop.