How To Wash Designer Jeans

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A pair of premium jeans, or any jeans in general, should always come with a care label. The care label is always important as it will give you the washing instructions for that particular pair of jeans. Some jeans with special coatings or embellishments will say ‘dry clean only’ and this will be because the water will most likely ruin the design of the jeans, so you should follow these instructions and take your jeans to a dry cleaner.

Most other jeans will say that you need to wash them on a low temperature and hang dry or tumble dry on low. The low temperature is important when washing your jeans because too much heat will shrink the fabric and it can also damage the elasticity of the denim which will make them sag and not fit as nicely as they did before. One thing you should always do before washing your jeans is turn them inside out. This helps to keep the wash as secure as it can be while being submerged in water. The inside of the jeans will get properly cleaned and take the beating around while the outside of the jeans will get washed, but in a more delicate way. It’s very important to do that unless you don’t mind your jeans fading quite fast.

If you have a pair of really dark, rinse colour jeans then you can also add a special vinegar or dye sealer to the wash to help lock in the colour. This will prevent the dye leaking onto any lighter stitching or from fading too quickly. If you have raw denim, they should have come with instructions for wearing them as long as possible before washing them, but you can also do soaks. These soaks just require you to submerge your jeans in water for a little while to clean them lightly without fading the raw denim fabric.