Introducing The Ass Cam

Something new has come along in Los Angeles called The Ass Cam. Here are some photos and some information from the press release. I think it’s a pretty cool concept and I hope it catches on because the first thing I look at in jeans is how they fit in the butt area. What do you think of it?

Perhaps more so than any other piece in anyone’s wardrobe – denim is all about the fit. Regardless of preferred styles, the final decision is reached in the dressing room and it always comes down to the seat of the jeans – the “bum”, “tuches”, “fanny”, “derriere” or to put it in clear American vernacular – the “ass” . But straining to see the mirror behind your back doesn’t make it an easy decision to make. Now – finding the best fitting jeans is right in front of you on an imbedded screen in a mirror that shows the perfect view or your behind via the patented closed-circuit Ass CameraÔäó only available at the World Denim Bar of American Rag (both in its Los Angeles and Newport Beach locations) and soon at Industrie Denim stores. The very latest in American Rag’s range of innovative services and trend-setting merchandising, the Ass Camera provides the World Denim Bar shoppers a truly cutting-edge and convenient way of selecting their jeans.

The World Denim Bar is the enormously popular shop-within-the shop section of American Rag that spotlights the best denim brands in what has to be among the most extensive range of styles brought together under one roof anywhere in the world. The success of this concept store inspired the newly-formed partnership of San Francisco’s Levi Strauss & Company and American Rag CEO Mark Werts to open Industrie Denim in select markets soon. The first two stores are slated to break ground in Scottsdale, AZ and San Francisco, CA and are expected to feature leading denim brands including Levis, J Brand, PRPS, Ernest Sewn, AG, Paige, Joes, Nudie Jeans, Current/Elliott and Goldsign against a vintage looking interior space. As in the World Denim Bar, the Ass Camera will be a prominent feature in dressing rooms at Industrie Denim.

For over two decades, American Rag has been a standard bearer of stylish living and an undisputed leader in the independent retail scene for its the ideal blend of special merchandise, excellent service and welcoming atmosphere for a truly unique, lifestyle shopping experience. Located at 150 South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles and 401 Newport Center Drive Suite 953 in Newport Beach, the store is open seven days a week.