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Make jeans in boots wearable!


I love wearing my skinny jeans with boots. It’s the perfect look for fall and winter. However, no matter how skinny my jeans are, I always get bunching around the knees. My jeans pull up and are just a mess in general. Lucky for me (and you!), there’s a new product called Jean Straps.

Jeans Straps are removable stirrups that you can attach to the bottom of your jeans. Holding them secure when putting on boots, keep jeans taut, minimizing bunched-up knees, and will attach to almost any pair of jeans. The best part is, they’re comfortable!

Co-Founder Newhoff stated, “It was important that the straps be as practical as they are fashionable. I think we’ve come up with an elegantly simple design that’s really flexible. And they’re super cute!”

The Jean Straps come in two different colors, brick red with a camel accent and are manufactured with high-quality elastic. The best part is, at $9.99, they’re affordable. They would make a perfect gift or stocking stuffer!

They will be in retail stores nationwide soon but in the meantime, you can purchase them at