Where Are Jeans Made? [April 2020]

Where Is Denim Made?

Denim is made from a fabric called “Serge de Nime.” It was initially made in Nimes, France. The weavers of Nimes initially tried to make corduroy to copy the material from Genoa, but did not succeed. They did succeed in making a strudy fabric though that we now know today as our denim jeans, made famous by the Levi Jeans company.

What Is The Birthplace Of Denim?

The true birthplace of denim is in Nimes, France. In America, the jeans industry was made famous in California.

Levis brand jeans have often marketed their jeans to be “made in the USA”. This is true, to a certain extent. Levis are a brand with many different factories and franchises all over the world therefore not all their jeans are made in the USA. Some are made in France, Italy, China, etc. However, Levis does have a signature specialty brand called the the Made in the USA brand wherein the Levis 501 are made in the USA from old mill materials. These jeans are specialty exclusive jeans which are priced much higher than 501 jeans that were made elsewhere. Levis are not all made in the USA

Founded in 1889 in Detroit, Carharrt jeans is strongly focused on employing American workers and sources heavily from American suppliers. Some of their most iconic clothing is from their line, “Made in the USA”. However, not all Carhartt jeans are made in USA, as they do have facilities around the globe and operate successfully in Europe and Mexico.