Cheap Designer Jeans – Where To Buy Em

Cheap designer jeans are being sought after every day. So many people want to get their hands on a pair of great premium jeans, but they just can’t afford the high price tag that comes with them. This is why we have put together a post letting you know that you don’t always have to pay the retail price of $160 upwards for an authentic pair of designer jeans. There are quite a few other ways to get your hands on a pair!

1 – During The Sales

One of the best ways to get your jeans cheaper is during the sale seasons! This used to only be a few times a year, but now companies are offering sales throughout most of the year! There are the mid season sales, end of season sales, sales during the Christmas period, around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day… There are a lot of times when the retail stores offer discount codes or drop their prices – check out if you are in Europe and is you are in the US! You can’t go wrong!

Most of the time during these events though, you wont find the jeans for more than 20-30% off of their retail price, but when it’s the end of season sales, you can easily find the less popular styles with over 50% off of their original price. So the sales are always a good time to shop! You just have to keep your eyes open for the codes and seasons. Here on DenimBlog though, we always list the best places to shop when there are sales and we announce when companies are doing discounts too. are known for having great discounts and sales.

2 – Sample Sale Websites

Sample Sale websites are a wonderful place to shop! Usually you have to be a registered member and the pop up sales last between 1-3 days. For example Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, Rue La La and Beyond The Rack (click on the names to register) are 4 of my personal favourite sites! They are very popular and they will have a schedule for the week of which sales are starting and when.

You can find brands like J Brand, Diesel, Siwy, Current/Elliott, James Jeans and so many more brands having pop up sales! When these sales happen you have to be quick with getting what you want into your basket because everyone has the same idea as you! The best part though is that you can find these jeans with over 50% off! Sometimes they can even have up to 90% off the retail price on the less popular styles. I have got some amazing deals on these websites before! The only thing is, these sales don’t happen all the time so you need to keep a regular check on the websites!

3 – Past Season Websites

Past season websites like and are wonderful! Yoox carries a huge majority of designer brands (not just denim) and they are all past season pieces. So you will find the previous season jeans with a discounted price! Yoox is also full of Diesel jeans, so it’s a great place to snap those up for the men and women! The Outnet is actually Net-A-Porter’s sister site and it stocks all of the old Net-A-Porter products that are past season or didn’t sell. You can find amazing deals on there from Current/Elliott to Balmain and they also stock brands like Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu and Yves Saint Laurent. They are a great website and I have bought quite a few things from there! I have from both Yoox and The Outnet. Unlike the other ways to score cheap designer jeans, you don’t have to wait for the sale or a pop up sale because these two websites are stocked all the time.

4 – eBay

Oh eBay! eBay can be such a wonderful place, but at the same time it can be awful. However, I have had way more good experiences than bad and it’s actually an amazing place to find cheap designer jeans! If you are not familiar with eBay (which I am sure you know all about it) it’s a huge auction website where members sell and buy their items. You do get actual stores on eBay though that are registered and sell authentic items. When you run a search on eBay, if you keep the words basic like ‘Diesel Jeans’ then you can come across some gems in amongst the rough! I have probably bought over 60 pairs of jeans on eBay over the time that I have had my account (quite a lot of years) and sometimes I have managed to get really good condition jeans for as little as ┬ú10 because they have been listed badly.

The only bad thing about eBay is that it’s also full of fake products. You have to be so careful with what you are buying because of the amount of fake jeans on there. You definitely don’t want to end up with a fake pair, so you need to make sure they are authentic. You can do this by having them checked out in the DenimBlog community and our members who are experts in different brands will be able to help you out, or you can leave a comment on DenimBlog and I can personally help you check the authenticity of the jeans. I learned many years ago on the DenimBlog community how to determine the fake jeans from the authentic jeans and once you learn how to do it, it’s actually quite easy to tell them apart. So don’t be afraid to ask and get them checked out!

Also, make sure you only buy from members who have a good positive feedback and that you pay with paypal using a credit card. That way you are not only covered by paypal (up to a certain amount) but you are also covered by your credit card company if in the event you were scammed by the seller. But always check their feedback and see what people have said about their transactions with the seller. This all might sound scary, but in general eBay is a good place to buy jeans. People usually don’t want their pairs anymore so they sell them on and you can pick up a pair that you have been searching for for many months at a great price.

5 – Poshmark & Depop

What a time to be alive — Poshmark and Depop are the new standards for re-sale. We love them both, with Depop having a bit more edge and Poshmark with more upscale choices.