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020608 Tears Of Bleu Premium Denim

020608 Tears of Bleu is a new denim brand for ladies, guys and kids which is based in Los Angeles, California. The brand is a design concept originally created by a British designer in Japan “Caius Olowu” and features non denim as well as normal denim. You can read some of the press release below and you can check out more about the brand online at their website here.

What gives 020608 Tears of Bleu its edge is the infusing of Classic British tailoring which significantly influences the design and manufacturing processes, delivering an authentic premium quality timeless look and ensuring the highest standards of ÔÇÿCraftsmanship and Flawless Design’ by using Japanese and American Developed Denim manufactured in Okayama, Japan and Los Angeles, California.

Key design elements include details such as fully bound inside seams tailored from within, classic tailored dust patches to create a unique modern take on the women’s premium turn-up, tailored pin stitched back seam.

Most of the washes start from a six months natural worn development process with added external elements to create a unique finish. Each wash is hand finished with a 5–10 hour finishing process time to give a unique authentically worn look. A skilled finisher then copies each original naturally worn finish by hand and adds other elements to the process to give each finish a unique look. No two washes of 020608 Tears of Bleu are 100% alike.