Denham x Method – Jeans Storage

Denham has teamed up with Method Design to create a truly unique piece of furniture, a trunk designed especially for denim. The trunk, named, The Journeyman, took over 300 hours to create and is a melding of traditional and innovative elements.

Here are some of the unique features:

  • A solid ash skeletal framework – echoing the birch bark canoe or bi- plane wing structure – for lightness and flexibility.
  • Gently curved grain feature carefully divined for superior rib strength.
  • Held together with over 200 interconnected traditional joints
  • Skinned in virtually weightless 1.5mm birch
  • Knitted to the rib structure with over 150 hand-Japanned, custom engineering fixings. (With every head meticulously lined up)
  • The Journeyman’s innovative inward curving form allows only the outward edges to ever touch the ground – these are covered in locally hand-stitched leather.
  • Moved around with thick, hand-cut leather handles and locked with beautifully contrasting, industrial case fittings.
  • Internally, the left side of the Journeyman contains a generous garment hanging space, sealed in from the elements by a handcrafted flysheet of the finest Japanese selvedge denim, detailed with re-cut vintage leather.

Unlocking the intricately hand-carved drop-down work surface reveals the true secrets of the Journeyman

  • An elegant column of carousels – all carved from the same piece of solid ash – swivel out to reveal spare buttons, rivets, thread spools etc.
  • Over 50 hand-cut leather discs fasten a webbing of straps to safely secure the tools of the jeanmakers trade.
  • Wire-whipped vertical shock cords weave the solid ash shelving together, creating a virtually weightless securing method for garments, while custom steel dogs and unique tapered ash plugs literally stitch the shelves into place.

The piece will be displayed at the 100% Design Exhibition in Earls Court in London, September 22-25. You can also check out what people are saying about this in the forum.