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Denim Shoes by Denims Originals

Denims Originals is a footwear brand, founded in 2012, that focuses on people that are passionate about denim. They make their shoes completely out of denim! I have included 3 of their look book shots (which they went to Verona in Italy to shoot with a vesper) and I have also included some info from the brands press release. Take a look below and you can shop their shoes online.

Denims Originals is a brand with a new name, a new progressive philosophy, that will make a mark on the streets. The name is chosen to illustrate the love for denim, and our original vision. We will always stay close to the core of the brand: denim.

Denims Originals represents the very best in premium denim style. Every shoe we make remains true to our original vision and love for denim. Tradition, quality, passion, craftsmanship and attention to detail all come together and make a piece of footwear into a Denims.

Denims are produced in Portugal by skilled craftsmen, trained in the craft of tradition. Portugal has built a remarkable history upon its footwear craftsmanship. The craftsmen at our factory have produced footwear for decades. Their experience and knowledge enable them to create shoes with a solid construction that mold perfectly to the foot. The denim fabrics we use, are from Italy. We care for quality, attention to detail and good materials.

The ÔÇÿOriginal’ is the perfect summer shoe. A stylish denim shoe with a great personality. Crafted from a wide range of quality materials, finished with a rugged vulcanized sole. Together with the distinctive denim, make this shoe one to remember. The unique aspect of this shoe was achieved by a special treatment. Experience has shown that this treatment does not guarantee regular color effect, making each shoe unique. It is therefore normal that the shoes themselves are not 100% identical.

Written by Lorna Burford