Earnest Sewn Introduces Malibu Outpost

Earnest Sewn have now opened a special outlet store! The Earnest Sewn “Outpost” has introduced a space to get the premium denim brand for a bargain. Starting this month, their off-priced 300 square foot Outpost will embrace their full-priced retail store at the Malibu Country Mart with discontinued pieces from past seasons at prices as low as $99.00.

“Quality” is not often associated with the word, “cheap,” but Earnest Sewn have decided to go ahead with this venture because their past season jeans are still quality, just a little older than the new season collection. “We always pride ourselves in doing something different, and no one at the Malibu Country Mart is doing this,” says Retail Director, Brandon Gladden. With all of the competition out there, Gladden hopes to extend the five month Outpost into a full-time installation. So how many of you will be going there?