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Henry & Belle: Truely Ageless Denim

Truly Ageless Denim.

Henry & Belle Creates the “Jean for Every Body”

In today’s seemingly overcrowded denim market, a huge section of the population has been overlooked for years. Caught somewhere between mom jeans and teen-influenced trends, millions of American women are searching for the perfect pair. With the mission of filling this void, Henry & Belle has created a truly ageless jean that can be worn by any woman who wants to feel both sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Differentiating itself through superior fabric, fit and price, Henry & Belle offers women a “jean for every body” in clean, simple washes. It’s a premium-level, contemporary jean priced around $150.00 for women with realistic body shapes. Now, women of all ages can experience a well-cut, affordable jean in the finest denim, without compromising style.

Rob Mann, President of Henry & Belle, had the idea for the denim line as he watched his wife struggle to find suitable jeans. “My wife isn’t interested in denim designed for a teenager, but she’s not going to wear mom jeans either.” As a result, Henry & Belle jeans were created to make a woman feel sexy without feeling “overexposed”.

In the spirit of the brand’s namesakes, Henry & Belle designs and produces each garment with the traditional approach where quality and attention to detail are key. In 1931, Henry Mann and his wife Belle started designing in the garment district of Chicago. Inspired by Belle’s confident character and chic sophistication, Henry designed each style with Belle as his muse. Today the Mann family is building on 80 years of success and opening the first denim house in Chicago. They hope to fill the void in the denim industry while continuing to fulfill the tradition of craftsmanship and humanitarianism.

Henry & Belle is committed to integrity, authenticity, craftsmanship and style. They have perfected the fit and feel of their product and are being praised by women who until now could never find the right pair. You can view the website by clicking here.