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ITV Denim Uses Wine To Dye Jeans

ITV Denim, known for its commitment to innovation, has partnered with INVISTA and ECOYAA to produce a new range of denim fabrics that uses wine and its derivatives to achieve the wash colours. The new process replaces traditional synthetic indigo dyes with wine derivatives, resulting in a wide range of blue colours for dyeing yarn, fabric, and ready-made garments.

Backed by a cutting edge research laboratory and years of experience in the field, ITV Denim is developing a wide range of products and processes using this new technology at its Umbrian base in Cellino Attanasio, in Teramo province. In addition to an exciting selection of fabrics, the company will also offer denim garments that take full advantage of the WINE-TEX® features.

“As we focused on innovation in the denim world and collaborations with a range of partners, we immediately had confidence in the potential of the research carried by ECOYAA and the possibility of exploring new areas,” said Barbara Gnutti, one of the owners of ITV Denim. “We recognised the collaboration as an opportunity to complete a research and commercialization initiative in Italy that would create totally new products and processes. These will highlight all the possible uses of WINE-TEX┬« technology, giving the product those typical “Made in Italy” features that create significant added value.”

“Given ITV Denim’s reputation within the industry for producing high quality, innovative fabrics, INVISTA had immediate interest in collaborating with them on this project. “We are very pleased to work with ITV to develop denim fabrics with LYCRA┬« fiber that use these new innovative dying processes. We are excited about the initial results on this project and look forward to continued collaboration with ITV,” said Federica Albiero, European Marketing Manager for INVISTA.”

When I first heard about this new technology, I was envisioning some deep burgundy shades, so I was quite suprised to see that they are very sand coloured. I think it’s really intriguing to come up with this as a wash idea, but I can’t say I like the colouring very much. It’s quite bland and basic. What do you think?