Jimmy Taverniti Appointed Creative Director of Siwy


Los Angeles based denim brand Siwy has just announced that denim designer, Jimmy Taverniti, is the new creative director. Bringing his vast expertise and experimental denim treatments, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection will be Taverniti’s inaugural debut for Siwy. He will be overseeing the design process of Siwy and is excited to be on board the new team.

“We are excited to have a man who really can create something that’s never existed” says Alain LaFourcade, COO of Siwy. “Taverniti is a true visionary, and not just with denim. He is well versed in all fabric textures/techniques and is a master of his craft. He is here to invest in Siwy’s future.”

“This is a great opportunity for me to work with Siwy and their team of denim experts. Their respect for their workers, using environmental friendly washes, and the belief in luxury craft are completely in sync with mine” said Taverniti. “I’m looking forward to elevating Siwy in a modern and ethical way.”

Also known as an alchemist, Taverniti is well versed in combining and utilizing fabrics such as cotton, viscose, silk, denim, and leather to their full potential with various processes of garment dyes and innovative washes. The indigo dye, natural pigments, discoloration, and organic dye are just some of the effects pioneered by Taverniti.

Before joining Siwy denim, Taverniti launched his own line, “Taverniti So Jeans,” in 2004. The exclusive denim collection allowed him to apply his vintage expertise to a contemporary line and provided him the opportunity to further explore his imaginative and cutting-edge curiosities.
Bringing his extensive denim proficiency and inventive creativity to the Siwy label, Taverniti’s feminine, vintage chic aesthetic can be seen throughout his designs. “He has solidified a strong foundation that resonates with the Siwy customer” says LaFourcade.

– So, what do you Siwy fans think about Jimmy coming on board and spicing things up?