Max Farago for Closed SS12 Campaign

Max Farago for Closed Campaign SS2012 from Closed on Vimeo.

Twentynine Palms in the Mojave Desert forms the backdrop to Closed Denim’s newest campaign for Spring/Summer 2012. Originally inhabited by the Chemeheuvi Native Americans, it is right on the doorstep of the acclaimed Joshua Tree National Park.

Closed were drawn by the pioneering spirit that is still evident in this Southern Californian mountain area. And were instantly charmed by the hospitality and nature of the inhabitants at Twentynine Palms. The daylight there was wonderfully luminous and imbued their shoot with a very special atmosphere amongst all involved.

Twentynine Palms has long been recognised as the ideal spot for Los Angelenos to recuperate from hectic city life. Frank Sinatra and Led Zeppelin singer, Robert Plant, have both dedicated songs to the city. Its place in Rock music history was sealed in 1973 when Alt-Country Rock singer, Gram Parsons died at the Joshua Tree Inn motel.

All of this the spirit of the place, the laidback vibe, the vast openness of the outdoors and the low-slung sunlight became an additional personality amongst the four people depicted in this shoot. In keeping with the earlier campaigns, the focus remains on selecting creative individuals and not models. Real people who are contributing to their respective worlds and they are:

Ry Cuming – Australian singer/ songwriter now living in LA.
Jessica Joffe – German actress and writer, currently based in LA.
Michael Fujikawa – who describes himself as a “Man of the People” and lives in LA.
Rachel Pouillat – a Berlin-based DJ originally from France.

The campaign images and movie clips were shot by Swiss-born photographer and blogger, Maya Villiger, who previously appeared in their Autumn ’11 campaign. You can see a video from the shoot above and you can check out some photos in the gallery below.