Nadel & Pen Custom Tailored Denim

Nadel & Pen have now launched a completely unique service, custom tailored denim. Their jeans are 100% hand sewn and custom tailored from their place in France. When they say hand made, they actually mean it, they don’t use any machines to make their jeans! They are all about their in depth fashion and denim knowledge.

There is no “range” of products to choose from, Nadel & Pen allows the “modern day dandies” to get their most unique “custom tailored denim” exclusively designed. Their job as designers with a strong “haute couture” & “denim” insight, is to make sure, that their exclusive customer gets the most unique fabrications, and a single & personal object you won’t get anywhere else. They use a selection of rare denim fabrications and trimmings for example; solid silver and hand engraved items.

There are some pictures in the gallery below from the brand and the jeans featured are a very special Japanese rare “red selvage denim” with some hand sewn details which are impossible to achieve with a machine, a bit of a savage silk “doupion” and a custom made solid silver Shank and Corn buttons. You can get a pair of their jeans by appointment only and you can find out more on their website by clicking here.