New Denim Brand: Yoga Jeans

yoga jeans3

Second Clothing’s new Yoga Jeans Campaign looks really hot! The denim campaign celebrates real women. Yoga jeans have a unique fit that flatters a woman’s curves like no other denim in the market… so much so that women of all ages and sizes are singing the praises of these ‘miracle jeans’ and passing the happy news onto friends says the creative director.

While most denim brands feature unrealistic portrayals of women, Second’s new approach with the Feel Good, Real Good campaign not only celebrates the diversity of women’s shapes and sizes, but does so with a touch of humour. Yoga Jeans give women what they really deserve: to feel good, real good.

What we wanted to do with the campaign is to update the brand and work to refresh the approach of an industry that has not yet responded to a post-Dove world where seeing images of themselves in media and advertising drives real women to connect with each other and with brands.

What do you think of their concept? I think it’s a really good idea. You can view their new, racy and hot advert below.