Serfontaine launches tailored denim legging


Serafonaine, an LA based fashion house is launching a new kind of fit and technology. They’ve released this technology on their latest style, the denim legging.

The legging will feature the Nano stitch, which features 22 stitches per inch. It also features a screen print, which gives it a two-toned but sophisticated finish.

New technology in the fabric also lends to a better fit with T400 and X fit, within their fabric. Denim Scientists call it memory and T400 has 7 times the capacity to remember and return to its original shape! It is made of multi component yarns that differ from other Lycra as it doesn’t contain Elastane / Spandex, therefore retaining its shape wear after wear. It breathes with the body, stretching 360 degrees, holding all shapes, it will also dry faster and conform to all body types. The brand also adapted this new technology, by dying it black, to create a non-fading black jean.

The founder, Mik Serfontaine, expresses the brand’s focus is “Our premium denim is focused on technology, through technology achieving a superior fit. I want to empower women through fit” This proves true as one of the brand’s best sellers is the exclusive sweetheart cut jean. Its unique curved yoke, that lifts and supports the derriere, has been nominated for best bum lift category at the upcoming InStyle Denim Awards

The brand’s followers include celebrities such as Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Pink and Jennifer Aniston.