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Urbandel Denim

I recently got introduced to a brand called Urbandel from Tennessee, which is entirely hand made by a guy called Derrick Gooden. Here are DenimBlog, we always like to support denim brands, big or small, especially if they have a great background. I think jeans that are made entirely by hand is something to be proud of, so that’s why I thought it would be nice to share this brand with you. You can read the press release just below and also see some of the styles in the gallery. What do you think of Urbandel?

Urbandel was founded in 2002, solely created by Derrick Gooden. As a child, Derrick was nicknamed “Urbandel” by his family members. Even years later into his manhood, Derrick was still referred to by the name Urbandel. Seeing the nickname as unique, he decided to turn the name into a brand. With the help of his mother, a stemstress, Derrick had an eye for fashion and creativity.

Now, 11 years later, with the ups and downs of the fashion industry experiences, Derrick is ready to embrace the fashion world with full force. With jeans being one of the first items he created and perfected in his brand, along with being a top seller, Urbandel uses only the best fabric for your jeans, Selvage Denim. Selvage is a type of denim which forms a clean, natural edge that does not unravel. Using this type of denim makes it easier, as all jeans are created strictly by hand. With the ability and skills, not only to create, but make an entire line all by hand, is viewed as unbelievable by some. But, Derrick Gooden, Founder and CEO of Urbandel, does it all by hand at a sewing machine in his home and with a huge passion for his customers satisfaction.