My Custom DIY Levi’s Shorts

I thought I would do something a little different in what I share with you and customize a pair of Levi’s. I often customize my denim by ripping, shredding, patching, hemming, studding, paint splattering etc because I love to make jeans more my own.

This time I took a pair of higher rise Levi’s jeggings that I had and chopped the legs off to make them into shorts. It’s best to cut one leg first after measuring where you want them and then fold them in half and cut the other leg against the already chopped one to make sure they are the same. Since these were completely plain (see the first gallery image) I decided to make them a little more edgy and distress them. I took a small holed cheese grater and something hard to put inside the leg and then grated the denim really hard where I wanted the distressing. It does take a while to get the destruction as you want it. I also made abrasions on the zipper area, the pockets, the back pockets and around the waist band.

After I had finished doing all of that I soaked them in water to get all of the dust and fabric bits off and then I left them in the sun to dry for a while to fade the denim a bit. I then chucked them in the tumble dryer to roughen them up a little bit more. Finally I frayed the edges of the new hem with scissors. It’s really easy and simple to make your own shorts this way, it just takes a lot of patience to get the end result. I do prefer to customize and make my own denim shorts to actually buying new ones. How many of you do the same thing?