Denim DIY

Den.m Bar Part 1

A cute little shop almost hidden in the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles, resides Den.m Bar. A custom denim shop where you can get fitted and customize your own pair of jeans made to order right in the heart of Los Angeles. The space is simplistic with white walls, sewing machines and seamstresses right in the store, fabric rolls of quality denim, hanging patterns, and accessories for you to pick from to make your jeans truly unique. An overall pleasant place to be. I was invited to come check it out and get fitted for my own pair of denim (which I could not be more excited about) and I couldn’t wait to share my experience with all you denim fanatics.

I walked in and was greeted by Steven, one of the founders and we got started right away. We went step by step around the store, each time I was able to pick what I wanted for my new pair of jeans. We started off with shapefor women you have a choice of skinny or skinny straight and for men you have a choice of skinny or slim tapered. I of course chose skinny because I have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans to fit my short legs and small rise. Next was denim choice, they offer everything from super strong (and a bit rough) Cone denim, made in North Carolina, to soft and stretchy denim from Kurabo, Japan (for all the types of denim they use go here). I chose the Nisshinbo Fabric which is from Japan which has a weight of 13.5 oz, so that I can dress it up or dress it down, a great pair for any occasion.

Stitching, buttons and pocket fabric was next on the agenda. You can choose from yellow, navy blue, black, white, red, green, blue, maroon, and purple and if a customer prefers another color Den.m Bar is happy to scout it out. I initially went for white just to make mine a little different but I chickened out and went for the standard orange stitching. I realized that I wanted my custom pair to be a standard pair that would last me for a long timeÔǪnothing crazy. For the buttons they had choices of pictures, plain and smooth, or a Den.m Bar logo on the buttonsÔǪI went for the smooth and plain for a sleek look. As for the pocket fabric I went for the houndstooth because I love me some houndstooth. I think the pocket lining is a fun touch that’s almost a secret that only you knowÔǪor whoever see’s your jeans on the floor.

For the grand finale…THE MEASURING! As much as I love customizing my own things, I think the measuring was my favorite part because as they measure you, you can fantasize about how well these jeans are going to fit you and almost feel it. After reviewing my order and giving some last minute information, the customizing process was done! Next up is a fitting and then taking your brand new babies home, which will be part two of this post. One of the things I respect about Den.M bar (besides bringing something truly extraordinary and unique to Los Angeles) is their core values: Originality, Quality, Craftsmanship, and Customers. They exert this in their practices and you feel it in your experience. Until part twoÔǪ