Denim DIY

Denim D.I.Y: Reconstructing My J Brand Agnes Jeans

Customizing my jeans have always been something that I like to do. Whether it be adding some rips and tears, slitting the hem, adding stains, zippers or just doing something random to them. I don’t think I have a pair of jeans that are exactly the way I have got them, but that is what I love. They are my own and no one else’s. Here is a post of a pair of jeans that I did a few more customizations on than my others.

I recently received a pair of the J Brand Agnes Jeans in Black. I always wanted to try this style out. Being that they didn’t have pockets, I would always second guess purchasing these jeans. I finally decided to get the style because they are one of the amazing pairs out.

My first thought to do was to just add some pockets. Then I thought, “Hmmm…What else can I do to these to make them even more my own?” I then came to the conclusion to do a bit more than what I intended.

First thing I did was detach the third bottom portion off the jeans. This part was actually a lot easier than what I actually anticipated. I then switched the legs so that the zippers are placed at the inseam instead of at the outside of the jeans. I stitched the portion back to the rest of the jeans the way it was stitched before taking it apart so that it still had the same hold and motorcycle style.

After I finished sewing the legs back together, I slit the pocket panels under the hip zippers so there would be access to the pockets when it is unzipped. Then I got some pocket sacks and sewed them to the panels so there would be a place to hold my items. The only thing that I have wished I had done before hand was to dye the pockets black before I had attached them, but I can always detach and reattach them back on.

Now that I have finished making these jeans my own, they have become one of my favorites. I love that I can now put my personal belongings into the front pockets of the jeans and zip them up for safety. Now if only I can figure out how to wax these to give them a leather look? You can check out the photos below of the finished product.