Denim DIY

Denim DIY: Bow Hair Clips

I found this really cute video on YouTube of a do it yourself hair accessory featuring denim. If you have an old pair of jeans that you no longer want, or even just some scraps of denim lying around, then you can turn them into sweet bows to wear in your hair. I’m sure this is a younger readers DIY as the bows do look quite cute and girly. They seem really easy to make, all you need is denim, a needle and thread, some scissors and a bobby pin. You can watch the video above to see how they are made with a step by step guide, but in short terms, this is what you do:

You cut a rectangle of denim fabric and over stitch each side so it doesn’t fray. You then fold it in half so both ends meet in the middle and run a stitch down the middle to keep the two ends secure. You then put a forward stitch down the middle as well and pull on the thread so it makes the denim ruched together. Then you take a thin strip of denim to wrap around the middle to hide the stitching and ruched area and secure it with a stitch on the back. The last part is the easiest, you just slide the bobby pin through the back and you are good to go! What do you think of these little hair bows? I think they could be quite fun to make, especially around the holidays in spare time!