VIDEO: How To DIY Dip Dye Ombre Denim Shorts

I have been wanting to do an ombre/dip dye denim DIY for quite some time now. I bought the fabric dye a couple of weeks ago and finally had some time to do it on Sunday. It took much longer than I expected, mainly due to the waiting times, but I didn’t even notice the time going by I was having that much fun.

I put a video together (which you can see above) of the entire process I went through and you can see the finished result below. I’m actually really happy with how these shorts came out. This was my first time actually doing the ombre technique and it went much better than I expected. I had been going through the process in my head for a while and thinking about what exactly I needed to do, and I don’t think it could have gone any better. I also show a sweater/jumper in the video which I did in the process and I love how that turned out too!

It does say to use gloves while handling the dye, but I don’t like how rubber gloves feel on my skin, so I never used them. I would recommend that you do though because the tips of my fingers are still partially stained blue right now and I can’t get it off, ha ha. I would also recommend wearing an apron or really old clothing in case you spill some dye on yourself. Luckily I didn’t get any on my clothes as I was really careful.

The dye packet also recommends that you wash the items after you have finished dying them, but I haven’t done that to mine yet. I think I am going to give them a much bigger rinse under water to be absolutely sure that there is no dye leaking before washing them. Otherwise it’s likely it will fade up into the white areas and I don’t want that to happen. So what do you think of my finished DIY ombre dip dye shorts? Have you done it yet?

Written by Lorna Burford