DIY Distressing Raw Denim By Azalea

D.I.Y. Distressing Denim from AzaleaTV on Vimeo.

Here is a video that Azalea created to show how to DIY a pair of raw jeans. Being a raw denim fan, I guess I was on the fence about this one like most people would be, is it cheating? A lot of people say that using sand paper and bleach etc to fade and make your raw jeans look worn is definitely cheating, you are supposed to wear them for a long time until they mold and form to your body shape which will then create all the fades and rips. I know first hand that this takes a really long time and a lot of perseverance so it’s not for everyone.

I came to the conclusion that I actually think this video is good, purely because he’s not distressing and fading them to look like he wore them out, he’s created bleach splashes as well as an overall fade and even put circles on them. Plus, he waxed them. You can’t get that appearance on raw denim just by wearing them so I think he did a great job. I thought the video shows you how easy it is to create your own wash on your own jeans. Every time I see someone doing denim DIY it makes me want to do more myself! I love making denim my own! What do you think of the video? Also, if you like the video on FaceBook you could win the pair of jeans featured in the video!