Do it Yourself: Studded Denim Vest


Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale are just a couple celebs that have been seen out in studded denim vests. The Sleeveless snap jacket from Current/Elliott is sure to be hot seller this season. The price tag might be a bit daunting, especially for such a trendy item. I stumbled upon this article on how to make your own denim vest and I thought I’d share!


Denim jacket (A thrifted or older version works perfectly. Look at the children’s section, if you want a snugger fit)

Rubber bands

Rubber Gloves

Plastic Bucket


Studs (these can be found at a craft store or ordered online)

Step 1:

Remove the sleeves of the jacket at the seam.


Step 2:

Tie rubber bands on the jacket, in sections (like you tie-dye a t-shirt) the more bands you use and the thicker you make them, the more distinguished the bleaching is going to be. After you have tied the bands on the denim, place it into the bucket with a diluted bleach water mixture (ratio should be 1:4, bleach:water). The color of your vest will vary dependent on the time you leave it in the bleach.


Step 3:

After the jacket has dried, add studs!



Images and article from Lmagazine and can be accessed here.