Top 5 Denim DIY YouTube Tutorials

Denim DIY is a great way to save loads of money on the latest denim trends as well as making your pieces completely unique and personal. I try to do DIY as much as I can, when I have the time, because I always have creative ideas and designs that I would love to implement on my denim.

I thought it might be fun to put together my top 5 YouTube videos for denim DIY! These are all top rated and highly viewed videos that I found when scanning YouTube today for DIY ideas to share with you all. There are 6 different types of DIY here, bleaching/ombre, making denim shorts, studding, lace inserts, aztec inserts and waxing. There are lots of videos all over YouTube showcasing these styles in many ways, but I thought it made more sense to include different videos rather than a few of the same. So click this post to watch some tutorials and get creative!

DIY Bleached Distressed Denim Shorts


You might want to skip this video to about a minute in as it’s quite long and the tutorial doesn’t start until about 2 minutes, but it’s a really great video. It shows you how to make denim shorts, fray the hems, make distressed holes and bleach/dye your shorts as well. It’s really helpful and full of great advice! I loved this video once the DIY started!


DIY Shoulder Studded Denim Jacket


This is a quicker and much simpler/easier denim DIY that anyone can do. It shows you how to stud your denim jacket with spikes. I have done this before on my denim shirts and it’s really easy! It’s probably a great one to start with as all you need is a denim jacket and the studs which you can buy online or at a craft store.

DIY Denim Lace Inset Shorts


I thought this video was so creative! It’s a way that you can really make your denim shorts more feminine and pretty. Adding something simple like lace at the outerseams makes them so unique. It seems really easy to do, but does involve quite a lot of sewing. It’s definitely something I want to try out though!

DIY Aztec Print Denim Shorts


I loved these finished shorts when I saw them! The aztex fabric they used is beautiful! It’s so bright and bold that it really does jazz up your shorts. You only need a few basic things, plus a glue gun, and then you can get started. Again I think it’s an easier one that can be done by anyone, so you might want to try this out!

DIY How To Wax Your Jeans


This video was something different to most, it shows you how to wax your jeans. It’s one of the easiest things you can do, all you need is a bar of wax and a pair of dark washed jeans. You can save loads of money by doing this DIY and not have to shell out for a pair of leather looking jeans or pre-waxed jeans that you have had your eye on. I definitely want to try this too!

Written by Lorna Burford