Levi’s Unveils ‘Made Here’ Concept in Newbury Street in Boston

Levi’s recently unveiled their new “Made Here” concept collection in Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The “Made Here” collection consists of hand-made goods, crafts and apparel, that are all made in the USA by emerging artists. This collection isn’t just limited to Levi’s either. They have non-Levi’s pieces that are made with the same techniques that Levi Strauss himself used. So Levi’s is still in the soul of the pieces.

Some of the pieces in the collection includes belts by Essex Connecticut based artist Austin Jeffers, Marlin Spike necklaces by self-taught artist Tim Whitten, Farm Tactic Bags, and scarves by Brooklyn based artists Kalen and Astrid. They also have leather jackets by Irving and Jack Schott, their family company introduced the first motorcycle jacket.

This concept isn’t just limited to just Boston. A “Hand Made” shop in New York City’s Meatpacking District that will offer custom tailoring all by hand. So each pieces ordered must feel special when it is received. You can checkout images of the concept below.

Images Courtesy of Phillip Angert