American Eagle Jeggings

Love the feel of stretch denim jeans? When jeggings came on the scene in the mid 2000s, the trend was just gaining steam.

In 2019, stretch denim is a way of life. All the big and bespoke brands have “blended” fabric, which is basically the same as jeggings were. Turns out people love being comfortable.

Below we review the American Eagle Sky High Jegging. These retails for around $50 and are available at

Ready for the review? Let’s go!

 Sky High Jeggings
Sky High Jeggings on Lorna

Do These Jeggings Stretch?

The Sky High Jegging has an 11″ front rise, so it really is high, reaching my belly button almost. It’s high at the back too with a 15″ rise, but they kept the pockets in the same place as they usually do so they are still flattering on the butt.

American Eagle Jeggings

American Eagle Jeggings from the Back

I hate it when high rise jeans have pockets that are placed high up to compensate as they don’t sit right on the butt, but luckily these do. They are super skinny with a 9.75″ leg opening and an inseam of around 28-29″ so they truly are a classic high rise skinny.

Amount of Stretch

Even though these are made from 99% cotton and 1% elastane, the amount of stretch in them is incredible! They feel like spandex or like a legging, but made from denim.

American Eagle Jeggings

American Eagle Jeggings from the side

You could literally do yoga and more in these if you want to! They are that comfortable and stretchy, plus breathable and not scratchy on the skin, so these have a lot of plus points.


Moving onto the wash, the light blue shade of it is really pretty and perfect for the end of the Summer. Combining the huge distressed areas with this makes a great casual jean.

American Eagle Jeggings Detail

American Eagle Jeggings Detail

The only downside to these is the lap whiskering as I love mine to look authentic and natural, but you can tell these are done by machine since they look quite stiff and accurately placed more so than in a natural way. They do stand out quite a bit depending on what light you catch them in, but for their price, they really are a good pair of jeans.

Some Things To Consider

I have always found that cheaper jeans suffer in fit when compared to premium denim, however I have always loved that American Eagle really get it right on the back pockets with their jeans.

Jamie Chung in  American Eagle Jeggings

Jamie Chung in American Eagle Jeggings

They are small enough and positioned in a great way so that they are flattering on the butt and that’s something that I admire for a cheaper brand. Not a lot do this! These also have faux front pockets so you can’t use them, only the back pockets are functioning, but this makes the lap sit closer to your skin.

The Verdict

I took these in size 4 which is my usual American Eagle size and for reference I’m between a 26 and 27 in premium denim. These fitted me from the off quite perfectly, but I’ve worn them about 3 times so far and they have stretched out a bit and become slightly baggy. I did expect this though as it happens often with non premium denim, so my advice would probably be going with as small a size as you can fit into and wait for them to stretch out a bit.

Selena Gomez in American Eagle Jeggings

Selena Gomez in American Eagle Jeggings

Overall, for their price, I really like these. They have a great wash for Summer (not including the lap area) and a really nice fit too!

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