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Best Levi’s 505s

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Levi’s original style — the 505 — is still so chic nearly 75 years after its introduction. It’s like the Cary Grant of denim.

Since the 1950s, the 505s have been evolving and changing the definition of casual cool. Way back in 1954, they added a zipper — which was promptly replaced by the original button fly. This didn’t stop the iconic brand to give a second try to zippers and released the 505 in 1967.

The style quickly gained popularity when it first came out during the “blue jeans craze” (1950s). It remained popular and picked up steam in the 1980s, as denim icons like Debbie Harry and the Ramones – championed the 505s.

Indeed the history of 505s has done more than just a single cut or brand, but the 505s influenced the entire direction of the denim industry.

Today, this cut is still on trend – yes the dad trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – with its “regular” straight cut that is versatile and suits all body types. In fact, 505s inspired the Spring/Summer 2019 Balenciaga collection .

The Best Men’s 505s Explained

See the 505s that will make you want to give those skinny jeans a break below.


Levis 505 Corduroy

Levis 505 Corduroy

Levi’s Regular Fit Corduroy Pants $59.00


Levis 505 Relaxed Fit

Levis 505 Relaxed Fit

Levi’s Relaxed Fit Levi’s $49.00


505 Black Jeans

505 Black Jeans

Levi’s Relaxed Black 505s $25.00


LEVI’S 505 Regular Fit $59.00

This is the pair when you want to don the dad trend without, not into flat stone washes. We all need at least one pair of clean black denim, don’t we?


Levis 505 Stretch

Levis 505 Stretch

LEVI’S levis 505 stretch $49.00

It’s not just the LVC line that produces great washes for the 505. The Backbeat wash here is one that anyone would love and wear them to their hearts content.


Best Men’s Choice

Best Men’s Choice

LEVI’S VINTAGE CLOTHING 1967 505 $194.00

If you are looking for a pair that feels authentic without feeling too retro, these are the ones. They are a versatile light wash that you would even be able to wear to the office.


Levis 505 Rigid

Levis 505 Rigid

LEVI’S VINTAGE CLOTHING 1967 505 $240.00

A vintage inspired style doesn’t always have to mean light and worn washes. These selvedge dark denim have an clean look that will bring out your inner Elvis.

Best Women’s 505s

Our picks for the best women’s 505s below


Best Women’s Choice

Best Women’s Choice

LEVI’S VINTAGE CLOTHING 1967 505 $194.00

Just like the collection these are from, these jeans feel like a “Summer of Love.” The wash reads as though they lived through endless beach days in a long and lean silhouette.


Levis 505 Black

Levis 505 Black

Levi’s Women’s 505 Black $44.00


LEVI’S VINTAGE CLOTHING 1967 505 $278.00

If you are a fan of a retro style, these are the ones to get that look. They have all the fit of the 505 in a wash that is just dark enough and faded at the knees, giving almost a 1950s vibe.


Vintage Levis 505

Vintage Levis 505

Levi’s Vintage 505s $98.00

Levis 501 vs 505

The 505 version is basically the straight relaxed fit made to fit the average build and goes over the waist.

The 514 is the hip hugger version of Levi’s and not as accommodating and made to fit heavier people. These are geared toward those who have the flat belly and want to wear crop tops, etc.

Levis 505 Vs 501

The difference between the 501 vs 505 has a lot to do with the button fly. That is what the 501 offers and is the original shrink to fit jeans, which are targeted for the younger, skinnier generation.

The 505 series does not offer the button fly option. They only have the zipper fly. They are also a relaxed fit more breathable jean that appeal to women and men in their late twenties, younger thirties, but are loyal to the Levi;s brand.

The 505 is for the older, average consumer who want the relaxed fit while still wearing their favorite jeans. They also have the zipper fly.

The 501 jeans is button fly and a shrink to fit jeans which is more appealing to younger men and women who prefer the tighter jean look.

Whats the difference between Levi 505 and 514?

The difference between the 505 and 514 is that the 514 jeans are a slim fit whereas the 505 jeans are straight fit

Are all Levi’s 505 Stretch?

No they are not. Some of them are made with 100% cotton, and for some people, that is where the confusion seems to be occurring. People think they are the regular Levis 505s that are cotton. There are some 505s that are stretch

Are Levi’s 505s Jeans preshrunk?

Levi’s 505s are preshrunk

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