Denim Review: 7 For All Mankind The Cropped Skinny in Hot Neon Pink

This weeks review is on a pair of 7 For All Mankind The Cropped Skinny jeans in Hot Neon Pink. I got sent these by the brand to review. I had a choice of all of their neon colours, but pink is my favourite, so I was more than excited to do this review!

The Cropped Skinny fit is their signature unbranded pocket The Skinny style but in a cropped version. I’ve always been a big fan of this fit, in full length, but it was always just too long and bunched up a lot. I don’t have that much time to hem my jeans, so I welcomed these for Summer with open arms! They are probably supposed to be a bit shorter, but with my small legs they hit just above the ankle. I think they are adorable!

7 For All Mankind really know what they are doing when they make their jeans. They have their flattering fit down to an art form and I love that! The back pockets are gorgeous, they are positioned nicely to be flattering, they are skinny all the way down, the rise is not too high and they have next to no branding on them at all except for their little tab on the right back pocket. The Skinny is my 2nd favourite fit from them as Gwenevere is the my 1st!I took these in my usual size of 27 and they fitted perfectly as soon as I put them on. I wore them around for a few hours and they did stretch out quite a lot, so I would recommend going with your smaller size if you are in-between sizes as these will stretch out about half a size the first time you wear them. I think they will give more, but I haven’t worn them again yet. I plan to soon though. I’m already thinking about what to pair them with.

The Hot Neon Pink wash is beautiful! I have been a bit apprehensive about reviewing neon jeans, since I reviewed those fluoro yellow Closed cropped skinnies and the colour wouldn’t show up right, but these really made me love the trend. The camera even picked up the colour correctly. I would say the close up of my legs in image 4 is about the shade of pink that they are. These are neon, but they are not so intense that they startle your eyes. They are sort of a muted and washed out neon pink, I would say they have a bit of a pastel undertone to them so they are not too bold and unwearable. This is what makes me love these so much! They are bright, but not overly bright like some I have seen. They are definitely perfect for Summer!

Even though these are their normal jeans, they don’t feel stiff or uncomfortable. I’m very used to jeggings now, so I love soft and stretchy denim and these are still soft and stretchy. The fabric is very lightweight and thin so it makes them more comfortable and they have the 2% elsatane in them to help with the comfort. I could happily wear these all day and be comfortable. Which is important to me. It’s nice to find that they still care about these kinds of things when they are making a fashion jean rather than a classic jean. I honestly can’t wait to wear these more!

I decided to wear them with flats because I don’t often show many photos with me in flats and I do wear them fairly often. Plus it shows the actual length of the jeans on me. If I could change one thing, I might make them a little shorter or longer, but that’s purely because of having shorter legs. I think when I wear them again I am going to cuff them a little at the hem! I think these are my favourite neon jeans so far! Buy these online at for $169 and you can see the Neon Green pair on Jessica Alba here.

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