Denim Review: AG Adriano Goldschmied The Absolute Legging in 18 Years Stone

This weeks review from me is on the AG Adriano Goldschmied The Absolute Legging in 18 Years Stone. The Absolute Legging fits quite a bit differently to The Legging Ankle and The Legging which I am used to, so I thought it would be good to do another review on one of the other legging fits from the brand.

I took my usual size 26 in these jeans, however they are incredibly tight. I’m always a size 26 in AG Jeans leggings and they fit me fine all over, but this pair I can’t button. They are a lot slimmer in the legs and really tight all over, but I would say I am about an inch away from buttoning them up. If you know your size in the usual The Legging jeans from AG, then I would take a size up if you are trying these. Even though these don’t fit me properly since I can’t do them up, I thought it would still be good to review them as it shows how differently jeans can run.

The inseam on these Absolute Leggings is longer, it’s about 30 inches where as the Legging Ankle is around 28 inches. The leg opening is very different too, these have a 9 inch circumference and the Legging Ankle has a 10.5 inch circumference. The rises are roughly the same, maybe a few millimeters difference, but not much. These also vary a lot from the brands classic The Legging fit as well. I have those in the 12 Years Dwight wash if you remember, and those have about a 31 inch inseam and a leg opening of 11 inches. With all this being said, I do love the fact that AG does so many variations of fit in their legging jeans! They were a little late to the trend for a while, but they have definitely made up for that now and have a pair for almost everyone.

The 18 Years Stone wash is the wash that I originally fell in love with at the press day in London earlier this year. It was really light and such a pretty blue, but I know sample pairs often vary from the final pairs that get released since they can be changed. These are definitely different to the sample pair I initially saw as these are a bit darker and a lot more blue. These also have a sandy and dusty undertone to them as you can see in the photos, so they remind me of a pair of jeans that a builder would wear when working with stone and cement. They still have a really authentic looking wash, which is what AG is known for, so they are a great pair of jeans, but they aren’t my favourite AG wash if I am honest. I have others that I prefer, but if I was speaking in general terms, then I do prefer these to a lot of other brands washes. There is just something about AG that’s so original, they really know how to perfect their blues and make them look like a worn in pair of old jeans, but they don’t sacrifice on fit either.

I always find myself recommending their Legging fits to anyone looking for a super skinny and comfortable jean which is flattering. Usually when people do take my advice, they end up telling me they love the jeans, so I think that explains how great they are. They have smaller back pockets which are positioned on a slight angle and perfectly spaced apart so they do create a really flattering look on the butt, it gives that rounded appearance as they follow the contour of the cheeks. I don’t like to recommend these jeans for ladies who have athletic legs though as AG’s Leggings tend to run really slim in the legs, from the upper thigh right down to the leg opening, so I only recommend them to the ladies with slimmer legs (thighs and calves).

So, to sum these up, they run a lot smaller than the other legging fits I have. I can’t say if that’s The Absolute Legging in general running smaller or just this particular wash, but I can say it for this exact pair of jeans, so keep that in mind when choosing your size. The wash is a mid blue with lighter blue and white undertones, so it’s more of a spring and summer wash in my opinion, but the whiskering looks really good. They are incredibly skinny all the way to the ankle and can be difficult to get on and off at the ankle bones, but they do have an amazingly flattering fit. I love how AG Leggings fit and always have! I recommend them to anyone with slim legs like I mentioned before. Buy these jeans online at the AG Jeans website here.

Jeans courtesy of AG Adriano Goldschmied, Opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford