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Denim Review: Agave Denim Chica Jeggings in Garnet Rose

This weeks denim review is on a pair of Agave Denim Chica Jeggings in Garnet Rose that I got sent to try from the brand a little while ago. These have actually just gone in the sale on their site so they are marked down to $133 which is a great deal.

This was my first time trying Agave Denim actually and usually when I haven’t ventured into a new brand before, I like to try a cut or fit that is something I am used to and something that I know I like. Then I can measure up how they fit me in comparison to some of my favourites. That’s why I chose these Chica Jeggings. I love jeggings as I adore super skinny fits with comfort and these definitely have that. I’m sure you can see from the photos that the material is very thin as they wrinkle a lot, and you can see the pocket bags through the hip area, this definitely does make them incredibly comfortable to wear. Who doesn’t feel comfortable in super soft thin jeans?

I would prefer that they were thicker though. I definitely like more structure and hold in my jeans and I do prefer my jeggings on the thicker side as I am not a huge fan of the strong wrinkle effects they create or VPL (visible panty line). Although I love the comfort, I’m a bit torn between that and structured fit.

I feel like they make my legs look really long from the front, sometimes I have jeans that can make my small legs look short, so I always prefer ones that elongate and these do that because of the inseam zipper. They have a very small zipper at the inseam which I leave partially open, so that it goes further down my leg and onto my foot, I always love the illusion that this creates. I’m a definite big fan of inseam zippers, even more so than outerseam zippers actually.

This wash is actually a hard one to explain too, it’s called Garnet Rose, but I found it more like a dusty and rusty orange red instead. It’s got some pastel in it as you can see a powdery tone to the denim, so it makes the wash/colour less intense. I would say my photos are quite accurate on the colour of the jeans, more so than on the website. It’s definitely not your average sort of red or orange, it’s a mix between them. It’s an easy one to pair with neutrals, but I am not sure how easy it might be to pair with other colours if you wanted to colour block. I feel like it has that awkward tone to it that might not contrast well with other colours, I feel like something would always be off with it. It’s the perfect shade for white, grey or black though. Definitely, as everything goes with those tones.

I did take my regular size of 27 in these and they fit me just fine, although they are clingy due to the material, the actual size of them is correct for me. Another note on these though I found is that the back pockets are not my favourite, they are ok, just not my absolute favourites. The placement of them is fine, but due to the really thin legging material, I feel like they just sit there on my butt rather than enhance it or uplift it, they don’t really add that oomph that some jeans do in the tush department. However, that being said, I think these would be fine for those of you with smaller butts or really toned bodies because you wont need anything from your jeans.

Since the warmer weather is approaching too, I think these will make great summer jeans due to the light material. So I would definitely class these as summer jeans and jeans that you would treat as actual leggings, not jeans to enhance or shape you. I know a lot of people who would work well in these jeans. I do love them from the front though, they look really pretty and fit nicely in the front. I just don’t think I am the exact shape needed to pull these off from behind. What’s your opinion on that? But, that’s why I love trying so many different denim brands and finding out what works for myself and what doesn’t, because everyone is different and has a completely different body shape. What doesn’t work so well for me, might be completely perfect for you. Buy these jeans online from for $133.

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