Designer Jeans reviews



AGOLDE would have to be one of my favorite brands and I was excited to try out a pair to review. I chose their Skinny in Black as though they are just a standard black wash, jeans do change from brand to brand. These jeans are no different, but I didn’t expect anything less than a great pair by the brand.

I went for a size 28 in these, which is usually my standard size in men’s. I would say that they started off a little tight, but as I wore them, they did start to give a little and I am sure that they will stretch to fit me. Most aren’t into the idea of stretching to fit, but I feel with men’s jeans this is the perfect way to find the perfect fit that still feels fitted without bagging after being worn in.

The fit of these is classic. For me personally, they are slightly baggier in the leg than I prefer, but they are ones that many guys will love as they aren’t super skinny on the leg. They are a fitted style that though bigger on me will fit slim on others like the photo above. There is also a stack or two on me, but nothing to merit cuffing them due to it being long.

The denim used is soft against the skin, which is great and there is still some stiffness to them as they only have 1% stretch to the denim. Though low in stretch, they so still have some give which allows movement. The quality of the denim is also great, especially for the price point. They feel like they have a lot of mileage to them that I think many guys look for in their jeans.

Overall, these are a great pair to try out if you are still looking for that perfect black pair of jeans. They are clean, which many guys look for, and they have a good fit with a great feel to them that will make you want to wear them day-to-day. You can click here to purchase these jeans from REVOLVE.