Denim Review: Big Star Archetype in 1 Year Darkness

My first review of the new year is on the Big Star Archetype in 1 Year Darkness. The fit of these jeans was a very pleasant surprise in a very classic blue wash. I was definitely more surprised about these than I was with any of my other jeans. You can read my thoughts on these jeans below.

I took these jeans in a size 29 and I will admit that I was a bit hesitant before I put them on and first held them up. But my perception was changed as I put them on and wore them throughout the day. I would say these jeans run pretty close to true to size. They looked like they would be pretty baggy for my taste, but they were not whatsoever. Though very well fitted from the hip through the legs, they are a tad long on me which is probably the only mishap.

The wash of these jeans is timeless. They are the classic blue with a bit of a brown/green undertone to them. There is really not much more to them or anything less. You can pretty much wear them everyday with a white button-up or raggedy t shirt and beat up sneakers.

I do find a signature detail to be great when it is done right, which is the exact approach by Big Star. For this wash the stitching on the back pocket was kept tonal to the wash of the jeans, but as you wear them over time it’ll be more prominent and add some interest.

When it comes to the material, what I appreciate is that these are a tad stiff. Not super stiff, just a tad. When It comes to men’s/baggier styles (well for me), this is something that I look for. It is probably on the top of the list when I do. I find that it falls a lot better on the legs and makes them more comfortable in my opinion. What is amazing about these is that they have that in between broken in feel and a new raw pair of jeans. There is also some stretch to them that add to easy movement.

Overall, I would recommend Big Star to any guy. They fit great and they have many other everyday washes to choose from. How many of you are also fans of Big Star? Definitely going to be one of my go-to’s for men’s styles now. You can click here to purchase these jeans from FARFETCH.

Jeans Courtesy of Big Star.