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Denim Review: Blank NYC Vegan Leather Leggings in Black

This weeks review is on the BLANK NYC Vegan Leather Leggings from the brands current collection. This is my first time trying the brand and it’s been interesting. I’m a big fan of faux leather because it’s much cheaper and animal friendly, so calling them vegan leather is really helpful to people who are vegetarians or vegans, as it’s very direct. I was hoping that I would fall in love with these as I only have 5 pocket style faux leather pants, and none that are actually zip up style, so carry on reading to find out my thoughts on these vegan leather pants.

I did try size 27 at first, which is my regular size, but unfortunately they were too tight. I could get them up to my hips, but I couldn’t zip them up at all as I have a bit of a butt. I sized up to a 28, which fit and fully zip up, however as with most size 28 jeans on my legs, they are baggy from the knee down. I have quite small calves and don’t fit into most regular sized boots, so I also have the same issue with regular skinny jeans or pants being sloppy in that area on me. I always find the jump up from size 27 to 28 to be quite significant in the calf area, more so than everywhere else on the pants, so that’s been a bit annoying for me with these. I was hoping they would fit tight all around like they do on the Shopbop model.

I also found them to be a bit wrinkly and ill fitting in the crotch area as you can see above. They aren’t very close fitting and look a little pulled and awkward in my opinion, which again upsets me about the fit of these. They do feature a horizontal seam under the knee area (14″ down from the crotch), almost like one line of moto stitching, and they have a long ankle zipper on the outerseam for detail.

I haven’t actually tried any of BLANK NYC’s regular jeans, so I can’t say how they compare in fit to those, but the general fit of them is quite tight in the butt and thighs, a little more roomy in the calves and a bit of space in the crotch, so overall it’s a little awkward fitting for my body frame. Compared to how they fit the Shopbop model, they definitely fit me differently as I’m a different shape. Although I found them to be a little ill fitting on the crotch section on the model too, they look like they don’t pull all the way up, which is how the 27’s fitted me, except the model has them zipped up, which I couldn’t do.

Now for the material of these, they are very thin and light weight, so they would be much more suitable for the Spring rather than winter. It’s very stretchy and quite supple, but the texture is a little rubbery, like most faux leather pants. I find these to feel more sticky than others though, but I’m pretty sure that’s down to the thinness of the fabric. They aren’t lined, so the inside that goes against your skin is the back of the faux leather, but it’s very soft. It’s almost like a very soft towel, it’s very gentle against the skin and not uncomfortable or irritable at all, which is great. I’m quite happy with the material in general, and since they are leggings, I understand why they are so thin.

I’m not a huge fan of the waistband though, I find them to look a little like maternity pants, but then since these have no back pockets at all and are thin, I would recommend wearing them with a longer top so the waistband wont show anyway. I took photos of the back with the top up and down, and for flattering purposes I will definitely be wearing a longer top, to cover the butt area as I’m not so comfortable without the back pockets and thicker material, but that’s a personal preference of my own.

I think it is actually quite difficult, from a designers point of view (if I think that way) to make a pair of faux leather leggings that are actually of a leather like material and not just a shiny spandex, that fit skin tight and close all over, so I’m not going to condemn anyone about the fit of these at all. Everyone’s body shapes are different and although these don’t fit me how I would like, I’m sure they would fit well on someone who has a smaller butt and slim thighs with regular calves. That would be the ideal body shape for these, much like the Shopbop model. Height doesn’t matter as the inseam is short, but the body shape does.

These are made in China, but for their price point of $88 I think that’s expected, so they are a great price! As are most of BLANK NYC’s jeans! The colour of these are also really black. They are more matte than shiny as well, but when the light hits them, they give off a little sheen which you can see in the photos, but the material is very light absorbent so that’s why they appear quite matte.

I’m definitely interested in trying more BLANK NYC jeans though, I would love to try out their regular denim and see how the fit of those compares to these! Do any of you have experience with them? I would love to know your thoughts as well! It’s always helpful to share information! I’ve left the measurements below so you can get an idea of their size and compared to denim, they are definitely a more awkward fit. They aren’t the most easy wearing pants as denim is much more free flowing and breathable, but when worn fitted and perfectly, they look really good and the ankle zippers are a nice touch which I really like! Buy these pants online at for $88.

Measurements (size 28):
Waist aligned – 14.75″
Rise – 9″
Hips – 17.25″
Mid thigh – 8.5″
Inseam – 28″
Leg opening – 4.75″
Length of ankle zippers – 5″
Length of hip closing zipper – 8″

Jeans courtesy of Blank NYC.
Written by Lorna Burford