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Denim Review: BleuLab Anti-Fit Jeans in Coated Desert Sand

This review will be on a pair of the BleuLab Anti-Fit jeans in Coated Desert Sand (below) from their new men’s collection. I was intrigued to try BleuLab for the first time because I have never worn their jeans before and their concept of having them reversible was always something that I found really cool.

When I first heard about this fit I was a bit hesitant, but they turned out better than I initially thought. It has a drop crotch with a tapered leg that ends at a 13″ leg opening. I know that this fit sounds a bit strange and foreign to many guys, but I can say once you put these on, your mind will change, just like mine did.

I got these in a size 29 and was a bit surprised that they fit the way they do. I am usually a 30/31 depending on the brand and material of the jeans, but these fit me just fine with a little bit of room at the waist, much like the last image in the gallery. The stretch content of them is quite high; they are a 95% Cotton, 2% Elastrel-P, and 3% Spandex blend, and I am actually pretty pleased that they are this stretchy. I think since they are drop crotch, the stretch is needed, especially if you are planning to wear them more fitted. You can easily run around in these and move comfortably and the jeans also hold their shape really well. I have worn them quite a bit already and they haven’t stretched at all. Another plus about the stretch is that you can easily pull your feet through the leg opening.

The wash of these is as it is named. It is a light tan on the uncoated side and to best describe the coated side, I’d say it is very reminiscent of wet sand. I was wondering how these would feel wearing them with the coated side in, but they actually don’t bother me at all. If anything, I would say the coating is a benefit of the jeans and the brand in general. It definitely keeps you cooler than most jeans since the coating doesn’t absorb heat. I haven’t worn the coated side out yet, but I am planning to sometime soon.

Overall, I would recommend BleuLab jeans for the men if you can get them. I cannot find them online yet, but I think they have them in-stores. They have a great stretch content for any guy that is always on the move. Plus they are reversible, so you end up getting two pairs instead of one. Have any of you guys tried them yet?

Jeans Courtesy of BleuLab.