Denim Review: Bleulab Detour Leggings in French Chalk with Plum Coating

This weeks denim review is finally on a pair of Bleulab jeans which I got sent by the brand! It’s taken me a while to get this post together because it’s a double outfit since these jeans are completely reversible! I’m wearing the Bleulab Detour Leggings in French Chalk with Plum Coating for the review. I was so excited to finally try out Bleulab jeans, we have been blogging about them for a while and I think the concept of them is truly amazing! To show you how versatile they are, I chose 2 different outfits and it literally took me less than 3 minutes to change. You just need one pair of jeans and you can change the outfit almost entirely and make it look dressed up or dressed down, perfect for day or night.

Those of you who are familiar with Bleulab will know that they are a brand of denim that make every item reversible! You basically get two completely different pairs of jeans in one! This pair has a gorgeous grey wash which I fell in love with and on the other side it’s a waxed purple. Due to them being reversible they actually have no pockets on the front at all because the pocket bags would show. I do like pockets on the front generally but it’s not something that would put me off a pair of jeans at all. I’ve got used to jeggings having no pockets anyway.

The comfort of these jeans really took me by surprise actually! They are a denim legging and they are super stretchy and extremely soft on the skin! Sometimes denim leggings can be a bit tight, a bit stiff or just generally not that great but these are wonderful. They are everything you would actually expect a jegging to be. They are a lower rise and they also have functional back pockets. I was also surprised to notice just how much of a great fit they are. They are super skinny all the way down, the inseam is not too long or too short and the back pocket placement is close to perfect! They are centered in the middle and are the right shape and size to be flattering on the butt as you can see from the photos.

The zipper puller was actually something that I was fascinated by. It’s a zipper that loops around so you can have the pull on either side of the jeans, it’s really clever! The patch is also visible on both sides and the button is great, instead of having a flat rivet on the back like most denim buttons, both sides are actually a button. You can see from all of these little details that Bleulab really thought it through when making their jeans reversible, everything works perfectly to become a single pair of jeans inside or out. It is funny when you put the reversed side on though, the button closure is the other way around, ha ha.

The grey wash called Chalk is actually what made me want this particular pair. It’s one of those greys which is just right, it’s a mid tone and the whiskering and fading makes it have a depth to it, it looks real and not flat or dull like some greys can. I chose purple, or Plum, for the other side as I wanted something completely contrasting. I’m glad I picked this colour because it’s so bright and fun! It’s a shade of purple that can match a lot of things as well and not be too daunting or loud. These two washes are great together in my opinion. Bleulab do loads of others as well though, a waxed black and a couple of other colours also come with this a grey. I found out they do non waxed pairs as well so those will be added to my wish list for sure!

I never expected these jeans to be as good as they are. I honestly thought that since they were reversible, they might be some what of a gimmick or not as well made as they turned out to be. I’m glad that my mind completely changed when I put them on. I am very impressed with all the work that’s gone into making reversible jeans. I definitely intend to add more of these to my collection! The only slightly bad thing I can say about these jeans, is since my skin is super sensitive and I can’t even deal with polyester most of the time, the waxed side is a little scratchy against my skin. I know others have no issue with it at all though so I am pretty sure it’s just down to my sensitivity. You can buy Bleulab jeans online at

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