Denim Review: Bodymetrics Serfontaine Sapphire Skinny Jeans

This weeks review is on the Bodymetrics jeans. I did a post a while back on the Bodymetrics Scanner here and I mentioned I would be reviewing the jeans soon. The machine chose the ‘Sapphire’ fit for me which is the middle fit, it’s ‘Moderately contoured from the waist through the thigh for a timeless classic shape’.

I wanted to start by saying that the machine definitely chose the right cut for me. These jeans fit me perfectly in the waist and butt area as well as the thighs. Those of you who read my reviews every week will know I normally end up with jeans fitting me a bit looser in the thighs if they fit my waist. These fit all over and even the inseam is the perfect length. The scanner really did do a good job and I’m more impressed with it than I actually thought I would be. There were not that many pairs I liked from the selection but this pair I definitely did like. They are classic and gorgeous! The new season has some more amazing styles though which you can see here from the press day preview post from when I went to London.

The cut of these is a super skinny ankle peg jean with a low rise. They are from the brand Serfontaine who now only make the Bodymetrics jeans. I’d never tried their jeans previously but I was quite impressed with this pair. I’m not a fan of over embellished back pockets and I’m happy to know these are stitched in the same colour thread as the denim so it doesn’t stand out like on the other pairs.

The fabric itself is amazing. They are jeans but they almost feel like jeggings because of how stretchy they are, they are so soft and comfortable, it does feel like wearing silky denim and I love that. I like nothing more than a comfortable and soft pair of jeans on my legs! The wash is completely classic too, it’s a really dark, almost black looking blue and it’s got a pretty sheen to it which adds so much life and energy to the jeans. The wash is one of those that can be dressed up or down, it’s perfect for any occasion.

Although these jeans are really gorgeous, I’m not just saying that either, I always try to be honest in my reviews, my favourite thing about them is the long ankle zippers! I love ankle zips and these ones go right up to the knee as you can see. That makes the jeans that little bit more edgy and fun! Ankle zippers always brighten up a regular pair of jeans in my opinion.

I would definitely recommend trying the Bodymetrics Scanner! It’s in the Selfridges in London on Oxford Street and it’s worth it! The scan is really quick and then you get to choose your jeans after you know your fit. It’s a great experience. I know my body really well and what jeans fit me best so I was suprised by how well it actually did!

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Jeans courtesy of Selfridges.