Denim Review: Citizens of Humanity Avedon Velour Jeans in Butterscotch

This weeks denim review is on another pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans, this time their Avedon Velour Skinny Pants in Butterscotch. This is actually my first time wearing mustard coloured jeans. Even though I love the shade, it’s always been a bold one that I haven’t had first on my list to try. I do love it though!

The Avedon fit, like I have mentioned before, is my favourite cut from the brand. It’s got a great low to mid rise with a very skinny fit on the legs and a very flattering back pocket placement. I find it to be a very flattering cut in general amongst many other brands, this is why it’s probably their most popular cut they have. I would definitely recommend trying the Avedon cut if it’s your first time trying out Citizens of Humanity, you wont be disappointed! I took my regular size of 27 in these and they fit me just fine so they definitely run true to size. The signature stitching on the back pockets is also very minimal, you can see it there, but the thread blends in nicely to the rest of the jeans.

Now the velour fabric of these is something I have never tried before. When I first got them out of the box I was trying to figure out if they were a corduroy or a velvet, but I couldn’t decide, they sort of look like a cross between the two. I found out that they were actually velour, so that would be why I couldn’t figure it out. The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable, it feels really nice on the skin and is very easy to move and walk in.

You may think that velour sounds like a tracksuit or a Juicy sweat pant, but these are honestly nothing like that. They are a much more sophisticated fabric and very easy to dress up or wear casually for the season with layers. Up close they have a very subtle grainy effect, much like corduroy, but the softness and overall feel of the fabric is more like velvet, so they are sort of in between the two. The Velour fabric is quite thin so it does have a bit of wrinkling to it around the butt and knee areas, but I find this happens with thinner stretchy fabrics, even with jeggings too. It’s not really a problem to me though.

The Butterscotch colour is gorgeous too, it’s sort of like mustard, but it has a more orange undertone to it. I would actually say it’s more like a yellow version of honey. It’s very pretty although I find it quite hard to pair things with, I went down the route of neutrals with tan and cream, but I think you could also do burgundy and possibly navy for a contrasted look. It’s quite a bright shade and I think it’s perfect for Autumn/Fall as it matches the hues of the leaves.

I do really love the fit and colour of these jeans, however I think I would prefer them in a denim. Even though the velour fabric is very nice to wear and feels so comfortable on the skin, it’s not the most versatile. I find it to be quite specific when it comes to seasons and outfits, so I would definitely wear it only in the Autumn/Fall and with layers. I don’t think you could transition these into Spring and Summer, possibly Winter, however with the colour I do personally feel they are only a Fall/Autumn jean. They will be perfect though if you are looking for a mustard toned soft pant for this season. Have any of you got these? What do you think of them? You can buy these jeans online at

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Jeans courtesy of Citizens of Humanity.